CNC Machine Troubleshooting Manual

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Pinpoint Troubleshooting for Machines: CNC Machines with Fanuc Control

The best comprehensive manual on the topic of CNC machine tool troubleshooting available.Topics include:

  • Basics of Machine Programming
  • Electro-mechanical relays and Relay Logic
  • Understanding your Electrical Schematic
  • How to Use Diagnostics and Ladder in Troubleshooting
  • Ladder Functional Instructions
  • Troubleshooting an the Fanuc Side
  • Effective Troubleshooting Techniques
  • PMC (Ladder) / CNC Interface Addresses (for Fanuc 16,18,21)
  • Electrical Schematic Symbols and Designations
  • Commonly Altered Parameters used in Troubleshooting
  • See the full table of contents…

 If you are considering a career in CNC maintenance or CNC repair:

Approximately 2/3 of all CNC controls in existence have the name “Fanuc” on them. If you are going to be successful, you will need the information contained in this manual. It’s that simple. You could collect it through years of experience, or you could get a jump-start with our manual. Consider it your class book for CNC repair 101. With some aptitude, a positive attitude, and the information in this book, you have the makings for a good start to a well-paid career in CNC repair.

If you already are experienced in CNC machine repair:

You can use the manual as a single-source reference for information you might otherwise be looking up in a variety of different books.

If you’re a shop-owner or plant manager:

You know all about the costs associated with a down machine. This book can give you the knowledge to start the troubleshooting process immediately, without waiting for a call-back from tech-support or for an expensive on-site service visit.

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